Snacks & Desserts

  • Taro and Sago with Coconut Milk

    Taro and Sago with Coconut Milk dessert is a classic Chinese sweet soup dessert that’s often served at Chinese restaurants after you finish your meals. It’s simple to prepare at home. And today I will share with you how I make this dessert

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  • Almond Tofu with Fruit Cocktail

    Almond tofu or 杏仁豆腐 (xing ren tou fu) is a refreshing dessert and perfect for hot summer day. It is like a Chinese version of Panna Cotta but without the heavy cream.

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  • Gluten-Free Scallion Pancake

    Gluten-free scallion pancake is inspired by the Korean seafood pancake. It’s easy to make and only requires 4 ingredients.

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  • Japanese Mochi Recipes- 4 Delicious Ways (餠のおいしい食べ方)

    Eating mochi is a tradition in Japan during the new year because Mochi sounds similar to the Japanese word for “to hold” or “to have”. Therefore eating Mochi signifies hopes of gaining good fortune over the coming year. Today, I’m sharing with you 4 delicious ways you can enjoy kiri mochi at home.

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  • Deviled Tea Eggs for Halloween

    Halloween is fast approaching. Are you searching for spooky and tasty recipes? Why not give my Halloween Deviled Tea Eggs a try?

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  • Chinese Tea Eggs – Marbled Tea Eggs

    In this post, I’ll share with you the recipe for Chinese Tea Eggs or Cha Yeh Dan. Cha yeh means tea leaves and dan means egg. Chinese Tea Egg is a popular snack that can be found everywhere in Taiwan such as 7-eleven, street vendors and even nigh market. In the U.S., many boba tea…

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