Japanese Chilled Tofu – Hiyayakko

May 18, 2019Mrs. Lin's Kitchen

Japanese Chilled Tofu or Hiyayakko is a cold tofu appetizer which is often served during warmer months. Hiyayakko is traditionally topped with bonito flakes, grated ginger, and thinly sliced green onion. Light color soy sauce is drizzled over the tofu to complete the dish.


chilled tofu recipe
  • 1 box of silken tofu
  • Bonito flakes
  • Green onions
  • Ginger
  • Light color soy sauce

Japanese Chilled Tofu – Hiyayakko Recipe

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Japanese Chilled Tofu - Hiyayakko


  • 1 box silken tofu, or soft tofu
  • bonito flakes
  • green onion
  • ginger
  • light color soy sauce, or ponzu sauce


Prepare the ingredients

  • 1)

    Peel and grate the ginger

  • 2)

    Thinly slice the green onion

  • 3)

    Cut the block of tofu into fourth. You can cut it into any size that fit your serving dish


  • 1)

    Place a block of tofu in a shallow serving dish

  • 2)

    Top the tofu with some bonito flakes, green onion, and grated ginger. Adjust the amount depending on your liking

  • 3)

    Pour over some light color soy sauce


I prefer the smooth texture of silken tofu but you can also use soft tofu or firm tofu.
Ponzu sauce can be used instead of light color soy sauce.
Other toppings can be served with tofu are corn, shiso leaves, wakame (seaweed), cucumber, and tomato.

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